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Mzee Uhuru

Experience African Culture in Motion

The Uhuru Dancers and the Uhuru Family (Mzee, Watoto, Community Drummers) have been closely monitoring news and recommendations from the CDC and the World Health Organization regarding COVID-19. Although we hoped to continue our weekly classes of dancing and drumming, the health and wellness of our community is our first priority. 

For these reasons, we're excited to inform you that our Saturday classes have moved to a virtual online platform for the month of April.  We hope you join us! 

The Friday night dance and drum classes for Mzee Uhuru, Watoto Uhuru, and the community drummers have been canceled until the end of May which is in line with the school closings

Mzee Uhuru is a group of experienced senior dancers committed to continuing the traditions and history of African Dance. Mzee is a Swhaili word meaning elder. The women of Mzee Uhuru are all age 50 and above and have individually been involved in various dance, theater, and musical ensembles prior to their Mzee Uhuru involvement.

Mzee Uhuru hosts a dance class on Friday evenings from 8pm-9pm at Decatur Ballet. 

All ages, genders, and skill levels are welcome. 

102 Church Street, Decatur, GA 30030 

Cost: $6

The dancers of Mzee Uhuru are available for performances, classes, workshops, and other events.

Contact Tyra Young (404-933-3651) for more information about shows and booking.